Ürün Tarımsal Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. Plant nutrients and plant growth regulators, production, sales in 1997 in order to do was established in Adana. Since its inception, the "Plant nutrients and plant growth regulators" products, the production and sale of chemicals. The plant feed our products group, Turkey's agriculture and the farmers in the first-class service. Our producers to receive the higher-quality products to the development of our activities on the land of our products, the manufacturer describes trial and, with them, we do our work. Land in the work of our technical staff, help our producers. From the day of its inception in, till the present day, with the focal point of "Plant nutrients and plant growth regulators", our company, quality and lines without compromising the leading companies in the sector have taken place between. midtown area of 1500 m2 and 500 tons annual production capacity of our company in the production of high-tech facilities. The last 17 years, the production capacity and product range of our company to expand its production and imports of the products we make, in Turkey, the agricultural chemicals through the dealers are delivered to our producers. Ürün Tarımsal Mühendislik Ltd. Sti. as our experience, our knowledge and experiences as our biggest gain in this way, evaluate, and we know we'll do even better.

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